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Stockholm-based producer Petar Suskic is one of the most distinctive Croatian producers of the last two years. Hailing from Pula /Croatia, Petar Suskic is better known under alias BONACA, which is synonym for the calm sea or silence without the wind.

In such a short amount of time Bonaca has already achieved so much in his musical career, he has made a huge impact with signings to some of the most respected labels in the industry. Since being signed to "Cohesive Records" ( old MEXA Rec. ) and "Making You Dance" at the back end of 2015., he earned support from some of Swedish promoters as well as securing spots on some of the most exciting line-ups around Stockholm area.

Before moving to Sweden, Bonaca has been making regular appearances across Croatia and is no stranger to lighting up packed dance-floors no matter the venue size. With the arrival in Sweden he started to progress and build his unique, dark and progressive style and now is breaking boundaries with his every upcoming release and performance.

The beginning of 2016. saw the releases on labels such as "Balkan Connection South America", "Making You Dance Records" and on his co-owned music label "One Of A Kind" ( OOAK ). OOAK Music is the brainchild and a platform to release his own productions and other already established artists material as well as bringing fresh, new talent to the forefront to showcase their music to the wider audience.

After his second release on his own label OOAK Music, he begun receiving a massive amount of support from some of the biggest and best artists in the scene such as Hernan Cattaneo, Nick Warren, John Digweed, Laurent Garnier, Petar Dundov, Noir and many other. For second half of 2016. the high standard was set to continue, with remix on Beligian acclaimed imprint "Sound Avenue", which was another step forward for this exceptionally talented producer.

With his latest release, "Our Story" EP, including Petar Dundov's remix, Bonaca has marked the start of another chapter in his journey, with his debut on Pole Folder's "Reworck Records" making waves across the scene and gaining plays from a wealth industry greats. Bonaca is an artist to watch out for at the moment and has a big, bright future ahead of him. Fast forward a couple of years and he will burn brighter than ever.

Bonaca @Smiling Sun Open Air, Stockholm

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