Record Labels: Synthetic Arts / Etiketa Records / Dutchie Music / Dancing Bear / Brown Eyed Boyz

Croatian Dj and producer Rubb Surr is behind the decks for a long time and through this last 15 years he proved his contribution
in electronic dance movement of Croatia. With his club sets, radio shows and podcasts, he always leaves good impression and sparks positive vibes torwards dancefloor, making crowd want more!

His time in studio isn't wasted, 'cause every minute he spends, something new comes up: deep and smooth. He's the type of bloke who does everything slowly but safely, and the results are always suprisingly good. His colaboration with Mark Ash forms more techy sound, with deep flow, as they like to call it "Island Sound" cause they are both coming from Island Rab. Their tracks and remixes are always charted and played by many. Till now they released on labels like Synthetic Arts, Dutchie Music, Dancing Bear, to name a few... First project from this collaboration between Rubb Surr and Mark Ash is remix under Arbassential guise for one of the best Croatian guitar players Hal - Tonight we dance feat. Suzy Bogguss (Grammy Award Winner 2006) launched on 1st Croatian lounge compilation Dancing B(e)ar Lounge - Dancing Bear Records.

His passion is always circling around somekind of art, if not musical then it's visual, to be precise: graphical ... many traces of his work are present and can be seen in city of Rijeka. Rubb Surr didn't bring the Revolution and he didn't became the Messiah, but the fact stands still: He does what he loves.