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More than 15 years of active participation on the Istrian scene has converted KREKMAN into an incontestable DJ/artist in the world of Croatian dance music.

Cutting his teeth as an adolescent promoter for electronic music events ( The New Vawe, Team Addictive and Balance ) in Pula, he became quickly seduced by the more substantial rhythms and textures of house and techno that was striving to be hardgroove at the beginning, but now deep tech and more engaging.

He began djing at 16, in famous fortres Fort Bourguignon, always with a mind for the dancefloor, always trying to stay close to the crowd. With a love for hardgroove techno music, he skillfully mixes rocking tracks always trying to create an atmosphere of excitement and great fun.

His particular approach to music manifests itself in decomposed and syncopated rhythms, which he develops with an incredible spontaneity. Animated ambiances based upon abstract and organic textures abound in his productions, where an equal measure of house and techno interplay with elements of funk, guided by a strong artistic sensitivity.

Diverse vocals and instrumentation, reworked with humor, intermingle with intense beats, delivering both a relaxed and agitated tone to his pieces.